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By Ghitsa » PG-13 » humor
Taking out the GFFA, Edmund Gorey style.

By Vornskr22 » PG-13 » action/drama » Empire
The Emperor's Hand and a squad of unusual stormtroopers are sent after the stolen Death Star plans.

By Missi Nussbaum » PG-13 » drama » New Republic
Lucas Jade runs away from his mother to be trained as a Jedi and soon runs into trouble.

By Club Jade » PG-13 » humor/parody » New Republic
Ewoks, spacepops, Callista, incest, naughty implications about the Jedi... Good clean CJ fun!

By H Lynn » PG » drama » New Republic
It's seven months past the wedding, and things are already getting chaotic. Luke and Mara accept an assignment from the New Republic as Jedi ambassadors, not knowing that the ousted Imperial faction has plans to eliminate whoever the New Republic sends. Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin and terrorist has an agenda of his own, which may or may not coincide with the Imperial faction's plans...and who may also share something in common with Mara.

By Grand Admiral Sean » PG » drama » New Republic/AU
A rewrite of the Kevin J. Anderson novel Champions of the Force

By Yav » PG-13 » humor » New Republic
Anakin 'Darth' Solo goes out in a blaze of glory.

By H Lynn » PG-13 » humor » New Republic
Why kill him once, when twice is just as nice? A tongue-in-cheek/dark humor piece that isn't for the LukLuver in you.

By H Lynn » PG-13 » adventure/romance » New Republic
A Jedi finds that the road to his destiny isn't as smooth of a course as he would like. A smuggler finds that she needs to have a trustier ride than a Z-95. An Imperial finds that his true fate lies in finding a couple of refugees from the law. And a girl finds that the heart of Darkness might not just be from without, but also from within...

By Sarah Kabala » PG » humor » New Republic
After reading more of the atrocious "Authorized Star Wars Contunuations" than I could bear I had a tremendous need to vent my frustrations. If you like any of these characters, keep in mind that I still have a right to dislike them, and I mean no insult to you personally.

By Grand Admiral Sean » PG » humor/au » New Republic
Yes, it is the dreaded, "It was all a dream" explanation. However, as every author buries our heroes deeper and deeper in inconsistancies and out-of- character actions, it seems to be the best, if not the only, way to redeem them. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," and these are desperate times. "It is a dark time for the rebellion..." and all that.

By Mary Anne Wiesner » PG » humor/au » New Republic
This is a different scenario than the "dream" explanation previously posted by Sean Fallesen. My idea is not an original one. Far from it, in fact. This has been used in many sci-fi stories and TV shows. It is the "alternate universe" explanation.

By Jen Bakht » PG » adventure » New Republic
Jaina, Corran, Luke, and the gang try to piece together a millenia-old prophesy, save the universe , and in the process meet an unusual young man. A standard adventure story that doesn't try to be more than it is. Well, okay, there's a lot of character study in it. And a lot of talk. Well, so maybe it isn't a standard adventure story. I don't know what it is. Read it and draw your own conclusions!

By K. Wills Sterling » PG » adventure » New Republic
The truce has been signed, but everyone's still a little uptight and exhausted after the ordeal on Bakura. A little vacation is exactly what Leia needs, and Han Solo thinks he knows just the place. But, Han being Han, both of them get a little more recreation than they bargained for. Originally published in "Snowfire" #3.

By Melissa Boberick » PG-13 » romance » New Republic
Here within the boundaries of my tale you will find no space battles, no super weapons, no returned Grand Admirals and no Dark Jedi. I have instead chosen to tell the story of how Luke might make the journey from Callista to Mara, and what happens along the way.

By Kelly » PG » drama » Old Republic
An Obi-Wan introspection after Qui-Gon's funeral.

By Michelle Lunsford » PG » drama/romance » New Republic
A brief post-Darksaber "what might could happen" scenario.

By ?? » PG » humor » New Republic
Adjectives can be deadly.

By Shura4 » PG » drama » New Republic
Something dark takes control of Luke, and Irek Ismaren has a new teacher of the Dark Side...

By Anonymous » PG-13 » humor » New Republic
Killing Qwi. Again.

By Gheorghe2 » PG » action/humor/parody » New Republic
Luke's in a funk, Mara is in need of a decent co-pilot for a trading mission with a search for a missing Republic agent on the side. What could go wrong?

By Kelly » PG » action/drama » New Republic

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