To the tune of "Rio" by Duran Duran
Filked by Michelle

Moving on the floor now, babe, he's a Jedi padawan
Wearing smirk or smile, oh he looks so very nice
With a step to the left, twirl that lightsaber right, and one more foe is taken out
We know he's something special, and he's dauntless there's no doubt

His name is Obi, he's a work of artistry
Robe, boots, lightsaber -- how he struts so splendidly
And when he moves you really know those Wantons swoon
Oh Obi, Obi, send us to oblivion

I've seen him on a ship, and I've seen him on Naboo
Fighting with Qui-Gon
They move as one it seems -- it's compelling, tantalizing too
Flips, twists, and kicks, Obi's skill is sharp and true


Hey, now - woo, look a there - Obi just took Darth Maul down
At the end of the film, his Master has died
Wantons sigh when he cries, he cries, he cries
He'll lose the braid, be praised for his bravery and such things, he'll
Do Ani's training
Despite the warnings he'll do Ani's training


His name is Obi, we don't claim to understand
How he affects us -- why he's even replaced Han
Oh, Obi, Obi hear them shout across the land
Wantons, no shame, declare he's conclusively our man

do do do-do, do-dooo (repeat to fade)

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Michelle