In the Tundra

To the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
Filked by Pammie

The snow is wet, the snow is wet, the snow is wet… (Continues through the song)

On the tundra, the freezing tundra
The creature sleeps tonight
On the tundra, Hoth’s freezing tundra
The Creature sleeps tonight.

Near the hideout, the rebel hideout
The creature sleeps tonight,
Near the hideout, a freezing cold base,
The creature sleeps tonight

Hush Skywalker, don't fear Skywalker,
It’s Obi-Wan tonight
Saying travel to Dagobah
Please survive the night

Here comes Solo, your friend Han Solo
So things will be all right
In the morning, the freezing morning
Skywalker’s still alive.

POSTED 03.31.2007 / KEYWORDS: Pammie