Short Cute Princess (in a White Dress)

To the tune of "Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)" by the Hollies
Posted by Figrin

Episode IV I was onboard
Workin' for the ISB
Devastator chasin' a Corvette
Rebels were tryin' to flee

Boardin' the cruiser through the airlock
Killin' traitors who had me annoyed
Just about to call up the Vader man
When I saw this woman program a droid

Her pair of curly buns made me open my eyes
My blaster was ready to stun
She was a short cute princess in a white dress
And she's aimin' at me with her gun
With just one shot I was a bad mess
Cuz that short cute princess got it done.

I saw her headin' to the bunker
With a tall Wookie at her back
When they surrendered, I thought we had 'em, boy
But we never thought those freaks would attack
Well, suddenly we heard those Ewoks
And everybody started to shoot
A-jumpin' outta trees and bushes
And just then, a furball's horn gave a toot

Well, we chased 'em back into the forest
And then she was alone at the base
Well I told her not to move
"Put your hands up real smooth,"
But she thought a little faster
And I couldn't see her blaster
She's a short cute princess in fatigues now
Shot me twice with a glint in her eye
Well, the guys in my whole squad, they believe now
That that short cute princess wasn't shy

POSTED 11.03.2006 / KEYWORDS: FigrinMK , Princess Leia Contest