Dyin' Ag'in

To the tune of "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin
Filked by Jeff Suess

Ohh oh oh oh ohh ohh
You will have to go-oh oh oh ohh ohh
After the last show-oh oh oh ahh ahh
Ratings have been low –

Ayy ay ay ay ay ayy
Xander's lost an eye ay yi yi yii
Don't know who will die oh oh ahh ayy
Buffy, please don't go–

When I read the news on Slayage.com
It made me sad, sad, sad
When I read the final script online
It made me mad, mad, mad
But I'll still watch you, see
On the DVD
We'll miss you
Ohh Buffy, we'll miss you-eah

Oh oh oh oh ohh ohh
One death I can't take oh oh oh ohh
Ahh when you pull up stake a-yeah
Oh, Buffy, please don't go – ahh

Spii- ay ay ay ay ay -ike
Although you found a soul ohhh-oh-oh-ohh
You're no match for Idol ohh-ohh-oh oh-ohh-oh
William, please don't go–

When you made the move from WB
It made me fear, fear, fear
When I saw Manchild on BBC
The end was near, near, near
But I won't be so vexed
Got reruns on FX
We'll misss you
Ooh a-Buffy, we'll miss you-ahh

Oh oh oh oh ohh ohh
Willow's spells aren't done oh oh oh ohh
Now she's a Charmed one oh oh oh ohh
Ahh, Buffy, Buff, please, please, please, please

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Buffy
Ah-ah We'll really miss you, Buffy.
Jah-aah-aah-aah-aah-oss Whedon!
Ohh-oh-ohh, oh-ooh-oh

Ahh Buffy, we will miss you so
Ahh Buffy, we will miss you so
Oh-oh-oh, oooh

Oh oh oh oh ohh ohh yeah (Faith)
Ah ah ah ah ahh ahh oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (spin)
Offfffffffff (grr) Argh!
Ah, Buffy, Buffy!

POSTED 06.27.2006 / KEYWORDS: Jeff Suess , Other Fandoms