Where Have All the Jedi Gone?

To the tune of "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" by Paula Cole
Filked by Jaina

Oh, you're looking older and we start to grow closer
Why don't we both go down to Naboo
Sit down by the fire, speak of our desire
You love me and I love you too
I will serve the Senate while you go fight a war

Where is my Qui-Gon Jinn
Where is my Obi-Wan
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the Jedi gone?

I can't wait to see you, come on out to meet you
And I'll tell you you're a father-to-be
I know that you're frightened, you're worried that this might end
But nothing's going to happen to me
We will raise our children and leave behind this war

(Repeat Chorus)

I am starting a Rebellion, but you don't, but you don't even notice me
Say our goodbyes, say our goodbyes, say our goodbyes...

I know that you're not sleeping
Afraid of what you're dreaming
Since you took that job with Palpatine
He told you you were strong
And the Jedi were all wrong
Anakin, you're frightening me
I will stand here crying while you go out and kill

(Repeat Chorus)

Where is my Anakin
Where is he, Obi-Wan?
Tell me, I have to see him
Where have all the Jedi gone?

POSTED 06.27.2006 / KEYWORDS: Jaina