Escape from Coruscant (Scenes From Episode III)

To the tune of 'Scenes From an Italian Restaurant' by Billy Joel
Filked by FigrinMK

Saber of blue, saber of red
Perhaps a saber of bright green instead
We'll catch a transport off this world
Fly away to somewhere safe
You and I, Yoda... mmmmmm

Saber of red, saber of blue
It all depends upon which side are you
So give me coordinates you want
And we'll escape from Coruscant


Things are okay with Sith these days
Got a new face, got a new Empire
Got some fresh meat, his training's complete
Now that he's on our side

Lost touch in his limbs
Saved him in the Outer Rim
But who could know he would be reborn
While his wife was dying?

Do you remember those Sith looking dumb using all their tricks?
Dooku faded fast, Grievous certainly took his licks
Had to finish up the job with the clones' Order 66
Cold fear, hot fights
Time to go kill some Jedi Knights


Obi and Vader both had shiny blue sabers
On the lava world of Mustafar
They fought an epic duel to the death on that planet afar
Couldn't have swung any faster
One was the student, and one the master
Leaping and jumping around without taking a dive
'Cause Obi and Vader, they always knew how to survive
Ohhhh, ohhhh...

Obi and Vader had made a last wager
On the lava world of Mustafar
Padmé believed, but she left bereaved with a broken heart
Vader thought Jedi were evil
Obi betrayed by his only pupil
But we always knew they would both find a way to get by
'Cause Obi and Vader picked other places to die
Ohhhh, ohhhh...

Well, he couldn't use Lightning, his grip was tightening
On Padmé, who carried his child
Focusing rage, Vader's turning the page
On his life with a temple defiled
Using his hate, his eventual fate:
The Emperor's lapdog reviled!
Ohhhh, ohhhh... where's Qui-Gon Jinn?

Well, they fought and they screamed, Vader never had dreamed
That he would end up as a gimp
Obi-Wan warned him, but now he's deformed
In the blackest of suits like a pimp
Breathing a gasp, his mechanical rasp
The Lord of the Sith has a limp!
Ohhhh, ohhhh...

Obi and Vader would fight again later
Twenty years waiting for an encore
On that space station that looked like a moon in Episode Four
But in the meantime, in exile
Obi guarded the boy on Tatooine, while
Bail took the girl and gave her a princess' guise
And that's all we know of the time in-between
PG-13, so be ready to scream
And here we are, in line waiting to see it once more


Saber of red, saber blue
With Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
Luke is safe from that savant
Who rules with fear from Coruscant

POSTED 06.27.2006 / KEYWORDS: FigrinMK