Wild Karrdes

To the tune of "Wild Boys" by Duran, Duran
Filked by Michelle

Wild Karrdes, Wild Karrdes, Wild Karrdes

(short but distinctive drum pattern)

Wild Karrdes

the Wild Karrdes are calling
On their way back from the con
Reputation does proceed them,
All adventures they have done

Wild Karrdes, they won't fall from glory
Actions become legend

On the Darkside edge you trail,
Because there's burgers,
By the cardboard,
In a flooded hotel room

Milwaukee, Vegas - looks like DC is next!

Wild Karrdes, never lose it
Wild Karrdes, never will betray
Wild Karrdes, never without style
Wild Karrdes, always (short but distinctive drum pattern) shine

There's virgins for your welcome
Knight and Squire lead the way
And your ceiling fan been swinging
Acrobatics you display

Wild Karrdes wonder where is glory
Where, all you Star Ladies

Really big rocks you lift as well,
Grand Admirals,
UNIX Masters,
Oh, the secrets they could tell

Their port is Club Jade - could find them anywhere!


(short but distinctive drum pattern that segues into brief musical interlude
with a cool, solid bass line-- in the background is the intermitent sound of
Darksiders chanting)

Wild Karrdes, Wild Karrdes, Wild Karrdes, Wild Karrdes

(then someone, (JeffP perhaps?) lets go with a short guitar solo)


(Repeat CHORUS to fade)

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Club Jade , Michelle