Luke's Lament

To the tune of "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters
Filked by Bogan

I've only just begun
To whine
Farm chores and droid repair
I want the stars but I can't get there

And then stormtroopers fry
The farm,
Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
I'm still dirt-poor, now I'm homeless too
And yes, I've just begun

Oh, here's a princess I'll save and adore
Old Ben will help me set her free
Noooooo, Ben's a pile of laundry on the floor
But Princess Leia will stay with me
Forever (forever)

And when the Death Star comes
We fly
I watch my friends blow up
Old Ben's still dead but he won't shut up
And yes, I've just begun
To whine
I've only just begun

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Bogan