Look At Me, I'm Callie C.

To the tune of "Look At Me, I'm Sandra D." from Grease
Filked by Jaina

(To set the scene: The female Club Jade members are having a massive slumber party, engaged in normal activities (ceiling fan swinging, etc). Suddenly one of them leaps up and sings...)

Look at me, I'm Callie C.
Lousy with reality
Adrift on the 'net, I'm a virtual pet
Why yet! I'm Callie C.

Hey Luke! It's your lucky day
I have taken over Cray
Her body you see but th eyes are all me
My thanks to dearest Cra-a-ay!

I can't sense, can't pick locks
I can't lift big rocks
I can't use the Force, not a bit
Since I bodysnatched, I've felt so detached
could it be that I just don't fit?

Wampa! Wampa! Let me be!
Take your one arm off of me!

The Force I can't find since it left me behind
But Luke, I can't set your free

So though I must go, my Master great
I hope that for me you'd wait
Try not to cry as I'm waving goodbye-
Hey- I'm Callie C.

(Just as they are finishing, Callie enters the room... uninvited, of course)

Callie: Are you making fun of me, girls?
CJers: YES!!!

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Jaina