Lights in Your Eyes

To the tune of "Heaven in Your Eyes" by Loverboy
Filked by TIE Pilot

I can tell by the ligth in you eyes you're an alien,
And I've seen how you're impossible to beat,
I knew they'd never let you live to come back,
But at least KJA can't do to you
What he did to Pellaeon
So you just had to die!

In your eyes,
I want to see that light again
In your eyes,
No I never want The Last Command to end!
You were too smart to live,
Too hard to beat,
And now I realize
Why there's no light left in your eyes.

Can't you see there was no other way to go,
After what you put the Rebels through.
At least there's one good thing about you dying,
you weren't around to find out
what they did in Darksaber,
and what came out of the Maw!


I've been living in suspense,
When they'd thought that you'd survived,
Thank the Force you're not a clone
But since Zahn took you out it's true,
You really died!


*Dedicated to Grand Admiral Thrawn-may he rest in peace, out of reach of YKW!*

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: TIE Pilot