I'm a Jedi Going on Seventy

To the tune of "I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from The Sound of Music
Filked by Echo and Gator

You wait, young Luke, on a sand-swept dune
For Fate to take you right on
Your life, young Luke, is an empty data pad
Bad men will want to write on

To write on?

You're a farmboy, becoming a Jedi
Wormie, it's time to think
Better beware, be canny and careful
Wormie, you're on the brink

Your a farmboy, becomeing a Jedi
Enemies will fall in line
Grand Moffs with tempers, Emperors and Rancors
Will be after you in no time

Totally unprepared are you
To face what lies ahead
Whine, and shy, and scared are you
Of things beyond your ken

You need someone older and wiser
Telling you what to do
I'm a Jedi going on seventy
I'll take care of you

I'm a farmby becoming a Jedi
I guess that I'm naive
Sith Lords I meet may tell me I'm neat
And willingly I believe

I'm a farmby becoming a Jedi
Whiny? I don't think so...
Smuggler dandies, Dark Lords? Oh, man- HEY!
What do I know of those?

Totally unprepared am I
To face these evil men
Timid 'n' shy BUT not scared am I
Of things beyond my ken

I need someone older and wiser
Telling me what to do
You're a Jedi going on seventy
I'll depend on you

(RotJ timeline)

You're a farmboy not quite a Jedi
Eager to make a new start
An enemy of mine has entered your mind
And suddenly touched your heart

Yes that happened, and after it happened
Nothing is quite the same
Somehow I know I'll jump up and go
If Lord Vader calls my name

Ghost Ben:
Gone is his noble way of life
his bright light has gone dim
He'll take you and work to twist your mind
And you'll belong to him!

You may thing this kind of adventure
Is something that you must do
Darling farmboy, not quite a Jedi
Wait a year...

I can't wait a year

Just wait a year...

I will come back, to you...

Ghost Ben and Yoda:
We're screwed...

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Echo , Gator