Emperor Palpatine

To the tune of "Madame Guillotine" from "The Scarlet Pimpernel"
Music by Frank Wildhorn, Original lyrics by Nan Knighton
Filked by TIE Pilot and Becca Harris, in line at the AMC Union Station, Washington DC

I know the Jedi and I know the ways of the Sith!
Ignored then implored,
My ambition will be more than myth!
All you Jedi who towered above me,
You who stood in the path of my course,
Now I give you Darth Vader!
I give you the dark of the Force!

Vengeance victorious! These are the glorious days!
The scourge of the Jedi
Will gather his bloody bouquet!
Now gaze on the greatest of Sith Lords!
With his shimmering, glimmering blade!
Hear the cries of his victims,
As he takes his vengeance in spades!

Sing, swing! Savor the sting!
As he severs you,
Senator Palpatine!
Slice! Come, paradise!
You're the victim of
Senator Palpatine!

The galaxy's ugly, but each man must do what he must!
Give him five years, the Republic will crumble to dust!
Now come let the Dark side posess you!
Give in to your hatred and fear!
Either way that you choose,
The price that you pay will be dear!

Sing, swing, savor the sting!
As he severs you,
Senator Palpatine!
Slice! Come, paradise!
His lightsaber will
Cleave you razor clean!

Jedi Victim:
When did the Force lose its reason?
Save Jedi Knights if you care!
My friends can you not feel the terror,
Like a fire in the air?

Slash, slash, slashing and gash!
He will damage you,
Senator Palpatine!
Vader just bit!
He's vengeant thing,
Senator Palpatine!
Swing! Savor the sting!
As he severs you,
Senator Palpatine.
Slice! Jedi-free paradise!

Hail, his Majesty!
Emp'ror Palpatine!

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: TIE Pilot