Boba Fett

To the tune of "Mac the Knife" from The Three Penny Opera
Filked by Echo

Oh the Sarlacc, has pretty teeth, dear... and he shows them
pearly white
Just a jet-pack has Boba Fett, babe... and it shoots him,
clean outta sight

When the Sarlacc, bites with his teeth, dear... scarlett rivers
start to spread
Just fancy armor has ole Boba, babe! Will he ever show us
a drop of red?

Inside the Sarlacc, the next mornin' don't cha know... lie some bodies
just oozin' life
But someone's sneakin'... round that sand-dune-
could that some one be
Boba Fett?

There's a Sand Crawler, down by the Jundlan Wastes, with a duracrete bag-
just droppin' on down
The durecrete is just there for the weight, dear...
Five'll get ya ten
Old Boba's back in town!

Mr. Darklighter- he disappeared dear- after drawing out
all his hard-earned cash
Now Boba Fett spends just like a sailor... could it be
our boy's done something rash?

Hey! there's Yarna' D'al Gargan, Oola and Lyn Me,
Miss Arica the dancer, and Rhystall hangin' round!
Oh the line forms on the right, BABE... now that Boba's
back in town

I said that line forms on the right, babe... now that Boba's......
back in town!!!!!!!!


POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Echo