Boonta Eve Classic Gavotte

To the tune of "The Ascot Gavotte" from My Fair Lady by Lerner and Lowe
Filked by Sophie

Every hutt and podracer is here
Everyone who should be here is here.
What a smashing, positively crashing
Spectacle, the Boonta Classic Race.

At the starting grid the podracers
Are waiting for the cue to leave.
What a gripping, absolutely rippng
Moment at the Boonta Classic Eve.

Pulses rushing
Power coupling
Engines heat up
I have never been so keyed up.

Any second now they'll begin to race.
Look, the hutt is moving, some are loosing forward

Who'll win first place?

(In an unprecedented turn of events, all of Mos Espa stands stock still &
deathly silent for the entire race)

(All the racegoers stare straight ahead over their viewscreens, except for
that annoying two headed announcer who won't shut up)

What a frenzied moment that was
Isn't that a human in first place?

'Twas a thrilling, absolutely chilling
Ending to the Boonta Classic Race.

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Sophie