Go Vader Go

To the tune of "Cherry Lips (Go baby go)" by Garbage
Filked by Missi

He gave it everything he had,
but he was young and dumb
he needed Obiwan
His masters couldn't stick around,
so when the Sith came down,
the Jedi they were not around
Politics can turn a good boy bad
He was the coolest thing that
they had Ever Seen


You're such a delicate boy
In Palpatine's web
of an historical landslide,
in political terms

With your cherry lips and golden curls
You could make wantons gasp when you'd
go walking past
and in your Robes and Jedi Boots,
they could not believe that such a darkness lay in you
It seemed like victory would appear
whenever you came here
Your foes would disappear
because you looked like a hero
Lightsaber blades would flash and suddenly a spell was cast


You know just what you
Wanna be
You shine a light on
Things will never be the same
you've got yourself a brand new name

Go Vader Go Go,
We're right behind you
Go Vader Go Go
Yeah we're looking at you...

Cause there's a fire in your heart
(Go Vader Go Go)
that shines a light on hidden parts,
(Go Vader Go Go)
You're close to evil at its source
(Go Vader Go Go)
But you'll bring balance to the force

Go Vader Go Vader Go....

POSTED 06.27.2006 / KEYWORDS: Missi