The Boots

To the tune of "The Rose" by Bette Middler
Filked by Michelle

Some say love, it is a Jedi
who struts and drops his robe.
Some say love, it is a pirate
in leather coat so long.
Some say love, it is a hero
with secret identity.
I say love, it is the footwear,
Thatís worn by all of these.

Itís the boots of elven princes,
that give me weakened knees.
Itís the boots of Luke in training,
that make me want to squee.
Even the boots of Daniel Jackson
reach out with their own call.
But the boots of Young Kenobi
they started my downfall.

When JadeCon is in full swing,
and the night is running long.
I confess that I have sometimes
reached to touch the boots of Rogue.
Just remember Iím a Wanton
And my point, it is not moot.
When it comes to my fan focus,
That itís all about the boots.

POSTED 08.16.2006 / KEYWORDS: Michelle