Tiny Goons

To the tune of "Tiny Toons" from the show of the same name
Filked by Red

They're evil, they're greedy,
They're both a little seedy
And in this movie,
They take the galaxy

With sabers and lightning,
They're really really frightening
Vader endeavors
To search out old Obi

So here's the Death Star
It's a world-destroying thing
It's been built twice
a Rebel vice
It keeps destroying

They're bad, they're mean
They're Darth and Palpatine
Ozzel is clumsy
And Needa is a pain.

There's Piett and Bevel,
Exar ain't on the level,
The Dark Side's a devil
And C'Baoth is insane.

The TIE pilots,
They graduate from the Imperial Academy
They kicked out Han for not being bad,
'Cause he helped a Wookiee
They loot, destroy,
Killing gives 'em joy
Our Tiny Goons adventures,
It's a whole wide galaxy

And now but the ESB.

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Classic Trilogy , Red 5