To the tune of "Storybook" from "The Scarlet Pimpernel"
Music by Frank Wildhorn, original lyrics by Nan Knighton
Filked by TIE Pilot

Listen to me, I have beautiful fan fic to spin you,
fic to linger within you,
close your eyes and type my URL.
I'll show you fanfic by authors whose plots used to thrill me,
and by authors who will be,
for you see fan fic's one thing I do well.
Come let's believe plots can be just as good as these seem,
let's live on dreams!
In my dreams, such wonderful profic has found me,
Stackpole's and Zahn's books surround me,
Allston and Tyers wrote more books, with no
Admirals, popping up out of the woodwood,
superweapons that never could work,
why can't authors just take a cue
from the fans?
Or is it only on-line that we find our ideal plots?
Are there writers with real plots?
If you know what plot is, show me now!
But, if your plots aren't as good as the ones that we've made,
I'll just stick to Club Jade!
Come and wake me! Give me a plot I can follow!
Anderson's plots leave me hollow!
Show me the way to stop dreaming, there is
only one way to stop this infringing,
one way to keep us from cringing!
Thats when authors learn to use
an outline!

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Club Jade , TIE Pilot