Save Me Obi, One More Time

To the tune of "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears
Filked by Luci

Oh Obi Wan
How was I supposed to know...
that I was going to die
Oh Obi Wan
I shoulda have let you know...
that your training a dark jedi
Why didn't you run faster?
When Darth Maul stabbed me in the gut, gut, gut oh yeah
My end is near
It's killing me (and I)
I must regret not dating Shmi (dating Shmi)
When I'm not living I lose my mind
Give me more time...
Save me Obi, one more time!
Oh Ani, Ani
How was I supposed to know...
you'd turn out to be Vader
Oh Ani Ani
there's nothing that you could do...
to stop Padme from birthing

Don't strike down Jedi Masters
When the Dark Side takes a hold you, you, you...oh yeah
Oh Obi Wan
Oh Ani, Ani
Oh Jedi Council
How was I suppose to know
Oh Jedi Council
I should have listened when...oh
I found out the boy
had midichlorians
off of the scale
don't you know I still believed
he could bring balance
to the Jedi line
Save me Obi, one more time

I must confess
that my Jedi-ness
is killing me now
don't you know i still believe
that I would still live
and train Anakin
Save me Obi, one more time

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Luci