Force Sensitive

To the tune of "Insensitive" by Jann Arden
Filked by Jaina

1st verse:As sung by Mara right before the Battle of Wayland
2nd verse:As sung by Mara on the roof on Coruscant (end of TLC)

How do you keep yourself
From falling to the dark side?
how do you face your fears
Now there's nowhere to hide?
How do you turn your eyes
From the darksiders glare?
How do you block the sound
Of a voice you'd know anywhere?

So is this still my destiny
Or just part of my history?
Can I give up my hate for you
Or will I see his order through?
I'm out of time, I'm out of touch
Can't feel the Force, so can't fell much
I thought that you might have
Some advice to give on how to be
Force sensitive

How to convince yourself
that your life now is just?
How do you finally
Learn to trust?
How do you free your soul
After you've found a friend?
How do you teach your heart
It's all right to love again?

Well I guess I know the truth
Now that we're up on the roof
By the touch of your hand
Your actions on Wayland
By your unsubtle gift
I think we've patched this rift
And I think that
You just might have some advice to give
On how to be
Force sensitive

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Jaina