The Expectant Mara Montage

To the tune of "The Elephant Love Medley" from Moulin Rouge
Filked by Michelle

Luke: Kids are a really splendid thing - kids are a joy all lifelong - all
we need's a child

Mara: Please, don't start that again

Luke: All we need's a child-

Mara: We've an enemy to defeat

Luke: All we need's a child-

Mara: Vong are turning up the heat

Luke: All we need's a child-

Mara: We can't play this game

Luke: I was made for mating you, baby, you were made for mating me

Mara: The only way of mating me, baby, is by George Lucas decree

Luke: Just one child - gimmie just one child

Mara: There's no way, you cannot sway

Luke: In the name of love, one child in the name of love

Mara: My dear, sweet fool, I won't give in to you

Luke: Don't leave it this way
I will survive 'cause I have your love, but baby, don't leave it this
Mara: You'd think that people would've read enough of books on our lives

Luke: I look around me and I see it isn't so, oh no

Mara: Some people wanna write more and more on our lives

Luke: Well what's wrong with that, I'd like to know, 'cause here we go
Kathy Tyers declares we'll have a child, in Balance Point, page ninety

Mara: But others may write us to be fools, banal plots give way once they
have their say

Luke: We can be parents just this one time

Mara: You - you'll over-protect

Luke: No, I won't

Mara: And I - I'll get moody all the time

Luke: We should be parents

Mara: Should we do that?

Luke: We should be parents and that's a fact

Mara: Though authors could botch up the writing

Luke: Then we'll trust those linked with Club Jade

Both: We could be parents forever and ever

Both: We could be parents forever and ever

Both: We could be parents

Luke: Just because I will give you a child

Mara: I-

Both: -will give/bear you a-

Luke: -child

Mara: How wonderful life is now we'll have-

Both: -a child

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Michelle