Chewie Had To Die

To the tune of "Earl Had to Die" by the Dixie Chicks
Filked by CLT

Han and Chewie were the best of friends
all through their smuggling days.
Both on the run from the law,
and members of the GFFA.

After Han met Leia, they settled in-
to a respectable phase.
Han and Leia had three brats,
and Chewie was stuck that way.

Well, babysittin' isn't really fitting for a wook of his size.
But Chewie bore it well, and changed those diapers
And made them laugh when they cried.

He finally remembered he had his own son,
and so he went home from there.
But soon he was back defending the Solos,
No he couldn't get them out of his hair.

Sure enough Han
Flew the Falcon to Land
On doomed Serinpidal
Oh, Anakin Ran,
And the moon slammed down,
and soon it was clear to all,

That Chewie had to die.

(Na na na na-a goodbye, Chew, goodbye)
That place by the sea
(Na na na na-a)
It looked alright to me, Chew.
Feeling crushed?
(Na na na na-a)
You should see how we gushed, Chew.
Don't it smart?
(Na na na na-a)
To draw the short straw, Chew.

Han blamed Ani, for he flew the ship, flew it high not low. Then made a weak
amens and said if you need me let me know.
Well the months went by and Han turned to the bottle as the NR faced the Vong.
And we realized just how much we loved you all along.

Well, Han had a plan,
to take down the man
who killed his favorite wook
Roa gave him tran,
The Ryn lent a hand,
and hopefully the book won't bite

Cause Chewie had to die

(Na na na na-a goodbye, Chew, goodbye)
We had wake
(Na na na na-a)
Yeah we baked a cake, Chew.
And beat some drums.
(Na na na na-a)
Yeah, we had two Hans, Chew.
Is that alright?
(Na na na na-a)
Oh why'd you have to die, Chew?

(More na na na na-a's and eh-eh eh's)

Note bene: It is illegal to preform a Dixie Chicks song without a bandana.

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Carla Lute