Yav's Christmas Irish Multiverse Drinking Song

To the tune of the Irish Drinking Song from the TV show “Whose
Line is it Anyway”
Filked by Amy Adams

It was Christmas Eve in Dublin
And Obi Wan was bummed
His best friend tried to kill him
He nearly lost his thumb!

The pub was dark and quiet
He was happy by himself
When through the door came bursting
Gimli and his Elf!

Refrain: Oh yidi yidi yidi yidi yidi yidi yi!

It’s Christmas time, cried Gimli
So don’t you now be sad
Though lost we are my friend and I
Of our friendship we are glad

So dry your eyes and join us
As we sing this merry tune
There’s vinyl men to play with
And GenCon’s coming soon!


So come along! sang Legolas,
There’s a party to be had!
By a group of folks called Club Jade
They’re crazy- but just a tad!

So get your things and join us.
We won’t be going far!
No need to worry about your drink
‘Cause there’s always Jessa’s bar!


Together they all traveled
To the hotel down the block
To a con suite on the top floor
And a party that just rocked!

The con doors were all open
For all the world to see
Little vinyl men in tutus
Now dangling from the tree!


Into the room they all went
With intros all around
With drinks in hand and feeling good
They settled on the ground

The drink it was quite potent,
Obi blinked at what he’d seen
His dear departed master
Qui-Gon Jinn, the Voodoo Queen!


There’s Luci, Yav, and Arica
PG, Dan and Blu
Kelly and the LGBs
And our Emperor, too!

Tim and Mike and Eliz
It’s always such a hoot
With Jessa in her leather gear
And a bottle of Absolut!


Caitlin, Rogue and Bobbi
Char, Pete, Lynn, Sarahwee
Everyone was filking
To nearly half passed three

Then Santa came and made a stop
Laughing, well, quite loud!
Passing out small vinyl men
To everyone in the crowd!


With one more chorus they sang again
Of a Calamari ship
The trio then decided
It was time to end their trip.

The filking had just ended
And things were settling down
When the Wantons grabbed them by the hands
And with duct tape they were bound!


Then Yav there found some scissors
For a lock of Obi’s hair
But she was stopped so quickly
By the lust in Obi’s stare

“Why settle for a strand or two”
He said most joyfully.
“Free me from this duct tape now
And have the rest of me!”


So out they dashed together
Taking off in Santa’s sleigh
Leaving Legolas and Gimli bound
And feeling quite dismayed.

But they were freed by Wantons
And worse fates they could think
Than flirting with the ladies
And schlepping ice to fill the drinks!


So the moral of the story
If you’re a lass named Cassidy
That Christmas wishes can come true
For all Club Jade to see.

So don’t you fret this holiday
‘Cause there’s magic in the air
Bringing Jedi men and Dwarven lords
And Elves with golden hair!


POSTED 06.27.2006 / KEYWORDS: Amy