To the tune of the same name from West Side Story
Filked by Kelly

Buffy's gonna have her day TONIGHT
Spike's gonna get to play TONIGHT
The Buffy fans all grumble "Reruns!"
But tonight you hear the rumble, to their TVs they run!

The plot'll be a surprise TONIGHT.
(Except for PG's spoiled eyes) TONIGHT.
We said "OK we'll wait through the hiatus"
to now see Buffy's fate through the world of Joss.

He's gonna rock us tonight
He's gonna jazz us up and give us a ball
We're gonna get it tonight
The more more we speculate the harder we fall!

"Well she began it!"
"No he began it!"
And will Spike be redeemed once and for all TONIGHT?

Will Buffy get her kicks TONIGHT?
Will she and Spike mix TONIGHT?
Will we finally meet this year's Big Bad?
Don't matter if it's Willow or the Triad TONIGHT!

Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night
Tonight there will be no more reruns!
Tonight, tonight, it'll all be new tonight,
And for us an hour of TV will be fun!
Today the minutes seem like hours
The hours pass so slowly
And still the clock won't chime
Oh moon, please climb
And make it 8 pm Eastern time!

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Kelly , Other Fandoms