Sweet Queen Amidala

To the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard
Filked by Sir Rogue

The Federation's got a blockade
Negotiations will not bend
The Mighty Queen has put her foot down
Her home planet she'll defend, til the end, yes

Now battle droids are attackin'
Landin' and marchin' 'cross Naboo
They went to Theed to capture the Queen
But the Jedi came to her rescue, here's what to do

They said: Leave home, Amidala
Come with us to Coruscant
Palpatine will need your help, now
To tell the Senate what you want

On Tatooine they had to stop, now
To fix their ship and get new parts
Well, little Anakin they met there
He won the podrace and the hearts

He said: Sweet Queen Amidala,
Lovely ruler of Naboo
Sweet Queen Amidala,
Someday I will marry you, Sweet Queen Amidala

(long instrumental by JeffP)

On Coruscant she told the Senate
The Federation's doin' wrong
But she got bogged down by procedure
And left to go where she'd belong

Her people said: Come home, Amidala
Come home and help save Naboo
We can team up with the Gungans
But we can't do it without you

Sweet Queen Amidala
Daring saviour of Naboo
Sweet Queen Amidala
We all owe our lives to you

(repeat to fade)

POSTED 08.24.2005 / KEYWORDS: Prequel Trilogy , Sir Rogue