Champions of the Force Revisited
by Grand Admiral Sean

After reading Anderson's Dark Apprentice, my brother and I were shocked at the outrageous things that had happened. Luke gets toasted and nobody seems to know. Lando is hitting on Mara. Admiral Daala continues to act totally incompetent, yet always escapes to commit more acts of incompetence. My brother wanted to write a nasty letter to Mr. Anderson, but I told him to wait until the third book, Champions of the Force, came out.

We thought up several scenarios concerning what we thought would happen in the third book of the Jedi Academy Series. We had best case, worst case, and most probable case (which wasn't much better than the worst case) scenarios. The book turned out to be the most probable case. (I should have let my brother write that letter) I thought I'd share a bit of our best case scenario with you. (Warning- don't read Chapter 3 if you are a fan of Admiral Daala.)

This scenario actually starts a little before the end of Dark Apprentice. A lot of great possibilities were presented near the end of Dark Apprentice, which Anderson totally dropped the ball on. I will attempt to show what could have happened if he hadn't. (Or if some other author finished the Jedi Academy trilogy for him)

To Club Jade, my editors, readers, encouragers, and most of all, friends; and to Timothy Zahn, who's tales of our heroes in the Galaxy Far Far Away were the inspiration for this work.

I claim that I wrote this story. I also claim that I'm not making any money off of this. I further claim that I borrowed heavily from several sources in writing it, namely the works of George Lucas, Timothy Zahn, and Kevin J. Anderson. They made up these characters. I'm only goofing around with them.