Yuuzhan Vong Theater 2000

To the opening theme of "Mystery Science Theater 3000"
Filked by Grand Admiral Sean

In a time not quite so long ago,
In a galaxy far away,
Luke Skywalker and his Jedi crew
Were in a nasty way!

Pursued by some creatures whose name was Vong
Some icky guys who's plot's gone on too long!
You thought Drachs were bad, these guys are worse;
And in their coral ships they hunt them all across the universe!
(Die Jee - dai!!!)

"We' will implant parasites!
The worst we can find!
(La La La!)
We'll make them writhe in agony!
And we'll monitor their minds!
(La La La!)

Now keep in mind Luke can not sense
If this threat will ever end!
(La La La!)
He'll just have to try to fight them off
With the help of his Jedi kin!

Relative Roll-Call!

(Peace, man!)

(I'm going in!)

(Let me at 'em!)

(I'm pregnant!)

If you're wondering how they lift those rocks,
And other science facts,
(La La La!)
Just repeat to yourself "It's just some books!"
You should really just relax!

For Yuuzhan Vong Theater 2000!

POSTED 08.23.2005 / KEYWORDS: Expanded Universe , Grand Admiral Sean