Mara Jade - A Jedi's Path - Notes

Star Wars, and all related material, are copyright George Lucas, LucasArts and LucasFilm. No money is being made in telling this trilogy, and no copyright infringement is intended. It is written purely for my enjoyment, and (hopefully) that of others. Feel free to link to or distribute this story, although notification of such action will be appreciated, as long as no profit is made; it is not altered, quoted or cited in a misleading manner; it includes this or another appropriate disclaimer, and the correct identification and full rights of the author are maintained.

To the pro-fiction and fan-fiction writers for helping to inspire this story, and in particular to Timothy Zahn for his SW novels and Mara Jade; Brendon Wahlberg for the New Sith trilogy and Ebony and Jade, and reminding me of the Marvel character Lumiya; and of course George Lucas, for bringing us a story set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

This is a trilogy based Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, and her progression from the Emperor's Hand obsessed with killing Luke, to the Jedi Master married to him. I'm still not sure how it developed into a trilogy :) It was only meant to be a simple story continuing from where VOTF left off, but somehow it grew to take in everything from Mara's childhood; the tortured Shira Brie/Lumiya, whose similarity to Mara (can anyone confirm that Zahn based Mara on her?) inspired an interesting twist for both of them; expanding the short-lived character of Dack in ESB; right through to trying to resolve some of Zahn's most improbable ideas (The Emperor trying to turn Luke to the Dark Side in ESB and ROTJ, and then sending Mara to kill him between both attempts?), and loose ends (what happened to the Obdurate, Tyrannic and Ironhand after VOTF?)
For those of you who worship daily in front of an altar to Mara in your homes, you will most likely be disappointed that she only appears near the end of part 1, despite the title, as it's primarily about Luke and Shira Brie. If you really can't bear not to see her in a central role, I suggest you skip this part and go straight to parts 2 and 3.
If you're still with me, it gets worse. The woman whose name Club Jade dare not speak returns. Yes, Callista reappears, and not as a Dark Jedi, a whining idiot, or frequently both, as so frequently happens in fan-fiction. She's not hellbent on getting rid of Mara and reclaiming Luke, and neither of them fight over him either. I just got fed up with everyone knocking her. Can we please have some rationality here? Everyone hates her for ditching Luke, but they'd have hated her even more if she'd stayed. After all, she cleared the way for Mara and Luke to get together :)
The trilogy assumes that only the Star Wars films are indisputable, although I have tried to keep the story generally consistent with the EU novels, especially Zahn's, and I hope I have captured the feel of the films.
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Enjoy, and may the Force be with you.


Part One: Mara Jade - Emperor's Hand
Timeline: From ANH to TESB.
The Rebellion has destroyed the Death Star, but they are forced to flee Yavin 4 and pursued across the galaxy by an Imperial fleet led by Lord Darth Vader. Determined to avenge his defeat at Yavin, Vader seeks to discover the identity of the X-wing and Corellian freighter that thwarted him at Yavin, and sends his Force-sensitive agent Shira Brie to do so, and if possible, to capture them...

Part Two: Mara Jade - Jedi Knight
Timeline: Three months after VOTF.
It is a time of celebration in the New Republic. The Jedi Knights Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are to marry, and the Empire and New Republic have signed a peace treaty, but disaffected elements of the Empire, allied with a deadly Dark Jedi obsessed with destroying Luke Skywalker, begin random attacks on the New Republic.

Part Three: Mara Jade - Jedi Master
Timeline: 5 years after VOTF.
It is a time of peace for the New Republic. A great expeditionary force assembles to explore the Unknown Regions. Meanwhile, the Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya, plans for her final revenge on Luke Skywalker and to turn Mara Jade to the Dark Side, while striking a powerful blow against the Jedi Academy.